Wine List

White wine  bottle | half bottle | glass

SAUVIGNON BLANC ‘Le Dropt’ (FR)  22,50 | 11,75 | 4,25
The scent of a freshly mowed lawn and Buxus. Pure taste, nicely dry and a lot of juice. Enough freshness with a pleasant aftertaste.

PINOT GRIGIO "Gregoris"  (IT)  23,75 | 12,50 | 4,75
Straw - yellow colour with a green tint. Refined scent, somewhat hay, tints of roasted almond and walnut. Tolerant, very elegant taste. Pleasantly full with a mild aftertaste.

RUEDA VERDEJO TRESOLMOS LIAS (E)  28,50 | 15,50 | 6,00
Light yellow colour. A taste of melon and a fresh aromatic herbs. Rich taste with tints of white fruit, citrus, aniseed and seasonings. Very soft and refined in the aftertaste. Lots of flavour with little bitters.

GRUNER VELTLINER "Lössterrassen" (AU)  27,50 | 15,50 | 6,00
Yellow-green colour. Fresh, herbal scent and a hint of apple, apricot and some white pepper. Medium intense, fresh taste with tones of white fruit, mango en citrus. Fine clean acidity and a mineral hint in the aftertaste.

VIOGNIER ‘Les Gres’ (FR)  25,50 | 13,75 | 5,25
Fresh yellow colour. You smell the flowers of the Viognier grape. The taste is impressive with elegant flowery tones. Nicely balanced with a fresh acidity.

SAINT-VERAN "Cuvée Prestige" GUERRIN (FR)  35,50 | 19,00 | 7,25
Rich and elegant white wine with aromas of white fruit, minerals and soft tones of wood. Beautiful balance between the acid and the fruit. Strong in the aftertaste. 

Red wine  BOTTLE | HALF BOTTLE | glass

MONTEPULCIANO D'ABRUZZO "Piane di Maggio"  22,50 | 11,75 | 4,25
Cherry red colour. Fruity and friendly wine from the Abruzzen. Soft, full taste, clean and fresh with a supple aftertaste.

ALICANTE "MO" MONASTRELL  25,50 | 13,75 | 5,25
Bodegas Sierra Salinas, Villena. Deep red colour. Scent of black berries, figs en chocolate. Sultry taste with light tones of wood, young juicy red fruit like Amarene cherry, light smokey.

BARBERA DEL MONFERRATO "Montej" Rosso  25,50 | 13,75 | 5,25
Ruby red colour. A scent of healthy red fruit. Fresh, clean start, ripe fruit, nice full taste, soft acidity and a bit of oak, well balanced.

Ribera Del Duero "LA PLANTA"  30,50 | 17,50 | 6,25
Dark red colour. A scent of berries and cherries. Ripe, full taste with tones of chocolate, wood and cinnamon. Elegant wine with a lot of ripe fruit, classic and refine oak aged taste.

FLEURIE LA MADONE "Vieilles Vignes"  35,50 | 18,00 | 7,25
Almost dark red colour, complex scent of roses and red fruit. Full start, lots of juice, healthy red fruit, intense en supple taste and soft tannin in the aftertaste.


DOMAINE DE CUREBEASSE (FR)  27,50 | 15,50 | 6,00
Soft and elegant rose with fine fruits and freshness in colour and taste. There is a hint of orange in the colour.


CAVA GRAMONA GRAN RESERVA "Brut"  39,75 | 8,75
Refined, clean 'méthode traditionele' with a magnificent mousse. Lots of taste, deliciously Spanish and dry in the aftertaste. The wine is aged in the bottle for 30 months, where the fine mousse gets a chance to blossom. A tiny tiny bit of sugar is being added, after the 'dégorgement'. That is why this cava stays perfectly fresh and dry.

Champagne  BOTTLE

"Blanc de Blancs"
Gold yellow colour. Royal scent of fresh bread, white citrus fruit and a pretty creamy tone, almost buttery. Very fine mousse at the start, juicy white fruit, hazelnut, a touch of toast, tobacco, dried fruit like apricot and a light tone of vanilla. This wine keeps fascinating you because of its complex taste.

Dessert wine  glass

Deep red colour with a purple reflection. Royal scent of fruit, cherry, raisins and cocoa. Fruity, sweet taste at the start, warm and powerful, also coffee and cocoa, Marachino cherry, coconut and liquor, beautiful fresh, clean and very well balanced.

"Domaine de Coyeux"
Fresh sweet dessert wine. Gold orange colour. Fruity fragrance and a round taste of honey and lots of fruit like pair, apricot and orange.
The Muscat grape is very easy to discover in its scent and taste.

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